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We recognize that church is a place of becoming. However, it is in our becoming that we must do some things.

New Comm hopes that each ministry internally, as well as all the external ministries we partner with, would provide not only a place for healing and hope but a place for you to become.

We want people to serve where they feel lead. It doesn’t matter to us whether that is within these four walls, somewhere in the city, or somewhere overseas.  We just want to see people investing in and impacting the lives of others. 

Please fill out the volunteer application below and specify your areas of interest. By doing this, you are not signing your life away but simply asking for more information. 

Small Group Leader

Kids Ministry Team

Worship Team

Sound + Media Team

Pre + Post Service Team

Tithe Counter Team

Youth Ministry Team

Administration Team

Security Team

Creative Arts

Facilities + Maintenance

Marriage Mentorship

College Ministry

urban ministry

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"Do all the good you can.
By all the means you can.
In all the ways you can.
in all the places you can. 
At all the times you can. 
To all the people you can.
As long as you ever can."

-John Wesley

Do you have a heart to work in the city?

We can help get you connected.  Contact us or get plugged in with one of our partners.